Stay Gold Pony Boy!

We recently shot a promo and composite piece for Yuengling’s new instant classic, the Golden Pilsner. The ad showcasing the newcomer played over 4th of July weekend featuring sparkler production and the use of a time-lapse setup contrasting with macro shots to develop details of the bottle sweat.

The Golden Pilsner is the first new staple for Yuengling in 17 years. This instant classic weighs in at 4.7% ABV. Hallertau and Saaz hops combined with pale and specialty malts create a bold experience with hop undertones that finishes smooth and clean ( Paste Magazine ). The use of an all-malt brew gives Yuengling a new “craft beer” brewer status according to the Brewers Association’s 2014 guidelines. This new status immediately made Yuengling the country’s largest craft brewery. Cheers to your past and present, Yuengling! We can’t wait to work out more product pieces like this in the future!